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Grading Sheet for Term Paper Psyc 135 – Bob Cooper Spring 2010 1. A summary of the claim(s) of the popular article (10%). 2. An evaluation of the popular articles claims based on the research articles you reviewed. If the articles have contradictory results or differing conclusions, present hypotheses about why this might be so (50%-- see detail below) a. Clear statement of question addressed by each article (10%). b. Description and evaluation of the research method, results, and conclusion from each article (30%). c. Evaluation of the generalizability of each articles results to the question raised in the popular article. (10%)
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Unformatted text preview: 3. A proposal for the kind of additional research that should be done to increase our understanding of the topic (10%) 4. Conclusions about the claims in the popular article (10%). 5. References for all works cited in your paper (5%) 6. Attached annotated bibliography with copies of the first page of articles cited (5%). 7. Quality of writing (10%) Note: This grading sheet indicates what I will be looking for and the percentage of the grade that is determined by each of those things. You do not need to organize your paper in the same way I have organized my grading scheme....
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