environmentallecture - Planet in Peril review &...

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Planet in Peril review & Environment lecture ( Greenland’s temperature has risen 8 degrees Fahrenheit. The arctic temperature is rising more than anywhere else in the world. ( What is the significance of President Bush adding the polar bears to the endangered species list? ( It is the first species added due to the anticipated statues in the future . It is the first time they are being protected because of anticipated loss due to global warming. NOT because the population is low. ( Lake Chad, the 6 th largest lake in the world has lost 90% of its water. ( Greenland’s ice sheet has lost 40% within the last 40 years ( Africa is the lowest carbon emitting country in the world although the most vulnerable. ( Earth’s history is the most reliable and accurate way to gauge global warming. ( Largest emitter of greenhouse gases is the rainforest due to the carbon released when the forest is cut down. ( 20% of the jungle has been lost in the past 40 years.
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environmentallecture - Planet in Peril review &...

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