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Chem 100W Spring 2010 Dr. Brooke Lustig Assignment: Oral Presentation 1. You are to prepare an oral presentation based primarily on one research article. This is not intended to entirely cover your future Review Paper. However, pick a research article that will serve as a key reference for that Review Paper. 2. The time allotted for the talk will be 10 minutes, with a maximum of two additional minutes for questions. 3. The talks will be held during class time (see Greensheet). 4. The order of presentation will be pre-determined. 5. You are to prepare your presentation using LCD-related items (please indicate in sign-up if bringing your own laptop ) before giving your talk. Remember: it is your responsibility to test
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Unformatted text preview: your laptop with the LCD setup, before presentation day’s class. 6. Your participation in the presentations given by the rest of the students in the class is an important part of the exercise, and is mandatory . Pay your classmates the proper courtesy by attending their talks, and by being on time . If you do happen to arrive late, please do not enter the session while a speaker is talking. Please wait until we are between talks. 7. Your grade for the oral report will be based on: a. Oral communication skills b. Quality and effectiveness of viewgraphs c. Selection of topic/overall effectiveness of presentation...
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