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Guidelines for Goals and Objectives Writing Purpose: The purpose of this activity is to focus you on particular performance outcomes as you learn the practice of nursing. An objective is a statement explaining what you specifically want to learn this semester. It should include how to you intend to accomplish it and by when. By completion of this activity, each student will: 1. Produce a list of 3-5 main performance goals for their clinical preceptored experience. This list is to be turned into the instructor prior to the beginning of the clinical experience. 2. Produce weekly performance objectives that support the student into reaching the main goals. 3. Report on weekly progress toward the goals and objectives via email to the instructor. Directions 1. . Goals and objectives are composed of an active verb with objective outcomes. The goal statement tends to be more general., such as: I will integrate multidisciplinary communication with staff, precept and instructor. 2. As a subset of objectives to this goal statement you might include : (1) I will chart with 100% accuracy (2) I will give and receive report with 100% accuracy (3) I will review my patient assessment with my preceptor (4) I will be open to coaching and feedback about my performance; (5) I will report changes in the patient’s conditions immediately; (6) I will seek out experienced resources before performing any
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procedure I am unsure of or don’t know; (7) I will seek clarification on any orders, medications, lab values, policies I am unsure of; (8) I will develop a weekly update of detailed notes and keep it in a log; (9) I will email these notes to my instructor and share them with my preceptor (required); (10) I will answer my instructor’s comments and questions on my submitted log and bring the revised hard copy to conference (required). 3. Goals and objectives are not the same as the course objectives. These are your personal objectives for your apprenticeship. Therefore, they should be written in the 1st person. 4.
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Guidelines_for_Goals_and_Objectives_Writing - Guidelines...

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