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50 GRRRRReat! – Transition Games Parks and Recreation Ontario 2008 Annual Education Forum Presenter – Alf Grigg [email protected] One of the greatest times of risk working with children and youth is a lull in classroom and recreation activities when your guard is down. A transition game can be a bridge between different classroom and recreation activities when they finish early, too early to start the new activity, a bus is late, rainy day recess, children need a time out and the list goes on. The following Transition Games can be used in the classroom, open space and the outdoors. This Transition Games are taken from the publication “50 GRRRRReat Transition Games!” which is available through CIRA – Ontario Email: [email protected] Website: ciraontario.com My Favourite Sport ACTIVE Age Children/Youth Equipment None Players stand in a circle. The leader starts by going into the middle of the circle And says “My favourite sport is jogging” and jogs on the spot. Everyone jogs until another player goes into the middle and says their favourite sport and does the body action. This continues till all the players have had an opportunity. Animal Scenes ACTIVE Age Children Equipment None Players find a partner. Partners run around. The leader calls out a phrase and the players must find their partner and depict the scene. The last pair to depict the scene is out. Frog on a log: one student gets down on all fours (log) and the frog sits gently on their back. Bird on a perch: one student gets down on one knee (perch) and the bird sits on the perch. Lion in a den: one person stands with their feet a part (den) and the lion lies down on the floor.
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2 When the Big Wind Blows
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50_great_transition_activities - 50 GRRRRReat Transition...

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