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Oct. 15, 2009 SEWA – Video Geog 112 The video on Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) was inspiring. I have learned that hope could change everything. Who would have thought that, with education, women in India could become entrepreneurs that could lead the society. All this time people thought money or food was the solution to help fight poverty, when all they needed was guidance to a right direction. SEWA started workshops to educate women, what being employed is all about. Before the education, the work, whether it was paper picking, gum collecting, or sowing, that Indian women were doing was unorganized and fragmented. They had no bargaining power to trade the product with the right amount to the corporations. But when the SEWA educated the women, they were able to gain licenses and bargaining power to make profit. Women were able to form a system of transactions with the help of SEWA. But the biggest revision came when SEWA decided to open the SEWA bank. The leaders
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Unformatted text preview: of SEWA came together to form a credit union to borrow money to the Indian women in the community. The problem was for women in India to start a business to support the family, they needed money. But the credit unions in India would not lend money to women that had no collateral. So SEWA started a credit union to lend money to women with only good faith. The bank became a big success. The women that were turned down by other credit unions were just happy that someone would lend them the money without any collateral. Grateful, women paid back all the money borrowed without delay. Now the SEWA bank owns more than $4 million in assets. SEWA is truly inspiring to me because I dreamed of starting my own organizations to help others. I thought all I need was money and the right connections. But now I realize all I need is different view to the solution, right direction, and dedication....
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