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RD2-allow concealed weapons (GOV2)

RD2-allow concealed weapons (GOV2) - T 1 his House should...

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Background : You need a good teaser/introduction to get people to start thinking in your favor on this topic. Resolved: This House should allow concealed weapons . Our plan will clarify what we mean. Weighing mechanism : We will win this round by showing net benefits. Definition(s) : To debate this, first we need to define a few terms Should , according to Merriam-Webster is used in auxiliary function to express what is probable or expected. Allow , according to Merriam-Webster is to make a possibility. Concealed , according to Merriam-Webster is to prevent disclosure or recognition of. Weapons , according to Merriam-Webster is something (as a club, knife, or gun) used to injure, defeat or destroy. Observation one: Inherency . Although laws have been passed for concealed weapons, these laws lack necessary commitment to allow people to protect themselves. Thereby increasing the security divide. California Firearms Laws http://ag.ca.gov/firearms/forms/pdf/Cfl2006.pdf This pamphlet contains a general summary of California laws the govern common possession and use of firearms by persons other than law enforcement officers, firearms dealers, or members of the armed forces. It is not designed to provide individual guidance for specific situations, nor does it attempt to summarize federal law. The legality of any specific act of possession or use will ultimately be determined by applicable federal and state statutory and case law. To remedy this, we propose the following, Observation 2: the plan Agent : The United States Federal Government Mandate : should legalize concealed weapons within the United States to handguns (as defined under the California Federal Law) and require men and women, ages 21 and above to carry a handgun. Enforcement : The federal, state, county, and local police will enforce. Funding : Funding will be through normal means. Geographic location : This will take place in all 50 states and be rolled out in three regions. Timeline : Over the next three years (Year for each region). Observation three: Advantages : Adv#1 : Self-defense and the security divide Harm : Security is a self-defense issue. Security is a must as a person and the divide is too large. Montini ’10— Still, the passage of a new law allowing unfettered concealed carry did have people on both sides taking shots over the Internet. 1
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For instance, a reader calling himself (or herself) "Thetruth2010" wrote, "Now, no one need know if I or anyone else is carrying . . . everyone will be a little bit nicer, more accommodating." To which "IrateCitizen2" responded, "So, instead of balancing the budget, our esteemed Arizona Congress has now allowed idiots . . . to carry concealed with absolutely NO training and no understanding of their responsibilities." "Cue1962" added, "This just adds more stress to our police force." To which "notso" said, "Actually, the police I've talked to don't really care about this new freedom. They assume everyone has a gun anyway, doesn't make much difference in their life." "FancyDancer" chimed in with, "Well, there goes Phoenix as a tourist and convention destination!"
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