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Child Neglect 0. Neglect: 2. Patterns 3. Consequences 4. Solutions What is Child Neglect? 5. Failure to meet basic needs, endangerment 7. Different form poverty 8. Includes Physical, Developmental 9. Health, hygiene, supervision, education, anti delinquency 10. 55% all CPS maltreatment cases, 11. Over half kids under 5, 72% moms Micro and Macro Factors 12. Less interaction with kids, less positive 13. More negative behavior with kids 14. < empathy, more depression, more sub. ab, 15. More stress 16. Lower social support 17. More children 18. Poverty 19. Young and single parents high risk 20. More hx neglect, pattern poor attachment Consequences 21. Social/Attachment problems: anxious attachment with 22. Cog/Academic deficits: language, creativity, IQ, problem
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Unformatted text preview: solving/flexibility 23. Emotional/Behavioral problems: Withdrawal, apathy, esteem, poor coping, conduct, anxiety 24. Physical: Failure to thrive, death 25. Long Term: PTSD, APD, low IQ, depression, alcohol problems Components of Effective Programs 26. Parent training: problem solving, nutrition, hygiene, stimulation, child safety 27. Multi service: support, counseling, training 28. Home visit programs: improve empathy, esteem, cohesion, knowledge, skills, and awareness of triggers, provides support 0. Both found effective in reducing abuse & neglect 29. Prevention would provide universal screening of risks, support, and access to training Discussion 30.Whose role is it to address neglect? 31.What is the role of the therapist working with multi-need families?...
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10209Childrenneglect - solving/flexibility 23....

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