Chapter 5 - 7 review

Chapter 5 - 7 review - Chapter 5 Open Systems(p 163 a broad...

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Chapter 5 Open Systems (p. 163) - a broad, general term that describes nonproprietary IT hardware and software made available by the standards and procedures by which their products work, making it easier to integrate them. Infrastructure architecture (pp. 158-160) Def – includes the hardware, software and telecommunications equipment that, when combined, provide the underlying foundation to support the organization’s goals. - flexibility – system must be flexible enough to meet all types of business changes - scalability – how well a system can adapt to increased demand - Reliability – ensures all systems are functioning correctly and providing accurate information - Availability – addresses when systems can be accessed by users - Performance – measures how quickly a system performs a certain process or transaction ( in IT speed and throughput) Information architecture (pp. 155-156) Def – identifies where and how important information, like customer records, is maintained and secured. - Backup and recovery – a backup is an exact copy of a system’s information. Recovery is the ability to get a system up and running in the event of a system crash or failure. - Disaster recovery – plan that allow the user to recover information in a disaster. - Information Security – protection of information. Software basics (pp. 149-152) - System software- controls how the various technology tools work together along with the application software. a. Operating system software – controls the application software and manages how the hardware devices work together. b. Utility Software – provides additional functionality to the operating system. -
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Chapter 5 - 7 review - Chapter 5 Open Systems(p 163 a broad...

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