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H.W. Ch. 3 Projects A-D Journal Entries Continue with Stress Management Time Management Lecture/Discussion Presentations Ch. 3 Managing Time and Demands I. Impact of poor/good time management ? A. Project A: How good are your time management skills? B. Project B: Current use of time; keep a log for one month II. Time Wasters A. Attitudinal B. (6) Behavioral 1. pg. 55 habits are hard to break 2. Procrastination (pg. 59); Why do you put things off? How do you prioritize? C. (4) Situational III. Effective Meetings IV. Time Management Strategies
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Unformatted text preview: V. Goal Setting A. Project C: Goals you want to accomplish by the end of the week B. Project D: To do list (related to project C) VI. Delegation A. pg. 69 When did you last delegate work? VII. Decision-Making A. Project E (group project) See: Welcome to the new company town. (2000). Fortune, 141 (1) , 62+ Abernathy, D. J. (1999). A get-real guide to time management. Training and Development, 53 (6), 22-26. Web:
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