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MdES Tikkun Research Project - San Jose State University...

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San Jose State University Spring Semester 2010 RelS/Anth/MdES 145 Dr. Mira Z. Amiras Middle Eastern Traditions T IKKUN A RCHIVE P ROJECT NOTE: THE PROJECT COVER SHEET IS POSTED SEPARATELY The notion of ‘tikkun’ is the reparation or healing of the world. Acts of tikkun entail the bringing together of conflicting populations in ways that promote good will, positive relations, mutual aid, cooperation, collaboration, and mutual trust. This project is dedicated to documenting examples of tikkun between disparate populations in the Middle East, historically (through time) and diachronically (through space). For this project, please focus your attention on tikkun among members of populations only within the Middle East and North Africa . The task is to collect one specific example of positive models of the relations between these peoples, whether as individuals or as communities, to document them to the best of your ability, and to analyze and assess their effectiveness and contribution to larger questions of cooperation and good will. Each student will present his/her Tikkun Project research to the class toward the end of the term. The Course Guidelines has a copy of the grading criteria for oral presentations. Please be sure to sign up for a date and time for your presentation when the Sign-Up Sheet is circulated. If you would like your example to be included in the Tikkun Archives of the SJSU Middle East Studies Program, please indicate so by checking the appropriate box on the assignment Cover Sheet, and signing and dating the page. Please submit two copies of your paper on acid- free paper, if at all possible. One will be for archival purposes, the other will be returned to you with comments. See the Course Guidelines for general writing and research instructions and follow the format below: Middle East Tikkun Project Format Cover Sheet and Title Page: The title should reflect the specific example you will be documenting. For example, “Ottoman Offer of Refuge to Sephardim in 1492” or “The Post-Intifada Palestinian-Israeli Peace Project in Jerusalem . The title, therefore should describe the event or example, documenting both the place and the year of the event. Do not put the title in quotes. If you wish to have your paper included in the Tikkun Archive, be sure that your name, signature and contact information (e.g. email address) are clearly given on the title page of your paper so that you may be credited for your contribution when the Archive is accessed by others. Introduction and Methodology: Here give your own introduction to what you were looking for and, in brief, what you found. How did you go about finding the example? What kind of sources did you use? Archives?
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MdES Tikkun Research Project - San Jose State University...

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