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Listen • Speak • Engage Kahn – COMM 100W  Proofreading Guide Due April 15 Your proofreading guide should include five of your most common errors. Common errors might include  verb tense agreement, subject-verb agreement, run-on sentences, sentence fragments, misuse of words such as  “then” and “than” or “they’re,” “their,” and “there,” or many other things. The notation of a single common error includes:  The name of the error, an incorrect instance, a correct  instance, and the “rule” in your own words.  Good references for this assignment are Patricia O’Conner’s 
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Unformatted text preview: Woe Is I , the OWL at Purdue University, or any other printed or online grammar reference tool you prefer. Example: Problem Placement of periods and commas around quotation marks. Incorrect The professor said my essay was unusually punctuated. Correct The professor said my essay was unusually punctuated. Rule Commas and periods should go inside quotation marks. Please turn in the Proofreading Guide on paper on April 15. No turnitin.com. Kahn COMM 100W - Spring 2010 page 1 of 1...
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