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Sample Narrative Speech Outline Joey Blowey Section 313131, MW, 11:00 February 13, 2005 I. Introduction (Teaser) Ever had a day so bad that it changed your whole life? Location: Piedmont Middle. after school, a grey and cloudy day. 6`" grade, small, short weak. I was a loner, a loser II. Action Bus stop: group of guys, tall one approaches me. .. - "Watcha gonna do bout this shortstuff?_" pushed me. - Bus comes and they stop. Ride on bus - Relaxed, still okay. Just ignore them and things will go -,bell - Get off at bus stop Start walking towards little sister's school to pick her up - Footsteps and laughing heard behind me. - Grabbed from behind and hands locks by 2 guys - Guy walks in front and demands money - Tell him I have no money - Starts raining and the guy lets go and runs off Rush off to little sister’s school
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Unformatted text preview: - Sister's school: empty and no cover from rain- She just stands there in the rain waiting- I find that she forgot her umbrella and give her my hooded sweater- Begins to hail. wind blows at insane speed: cold ice. run home • Home thinking that its finally over but its not!- That night: parents screamed at for 2-3 hours continuously about not defending myself, for being weak. not speaking up.- Little kid went to sleep crying • Next day: Came to school and went to seek help - Guys suspended! Ill. Conclusion • Became more outspoken. less of a loner, more confident and risk-taking Lesson/Point: There is always a positive and negative way of looking at things that happen to you. If you look carefully at the worst moments of vour life, you can and will find something positive....
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