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English 1A Craig Lore Reading Response Guidelines The Reading Response (RR) assignments are indicated on the Green Sheet. At the end of every essay, there are two sections called Reading for Meaning (R4M) and Reading Like a Writer (RLAW). The Reading for Meaning exercise asks you to write to discover the reasons why the author wrote the essay. It also has a set of ideas to follow if you are not sure where to start called If You Are Stuck . The Reading Like a Writer exercise gives you some information that the authors of our text want you to explore; then, there is a hands-on section, which asks you to perform certain tasks, such as underlining key words or phrases. Lastly, the RLAW section asks you to write about what you have learned from doing the hands-on work. You need to do a RR as the syllabus indicates. There are eleven assigned RRs; I will throw out the one lowest score, leaving 10 total.
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