InjusticeSexualReading - orientation; Matt Oliver:...

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Click to edit Master subtitle style 9/8/10 Injustice based on Sexual Orientation What are the claims that gay, lesbian, and bisexual students constitute a minority group?
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9/8/10 Claims Sally Green, “its not a behavioral choice, its orientation. .its easy to pick out an African American or a Latino, but with gays and lesbians it’s a little more difficult, making it harder to appreciate we’re a minority; Green distinguishes between behavioral choice and
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Unformatted text preview: orientation; Matt Oliver: homosexuals are clearly a minority group, homosexuals discriminated in army, schools, and mainstream of society; 9/8/10 Counter Claim Pres. Young Americans for Freedom IU is saying that being a homosexual =s being Black or Asian. . but its not, its an immoral lifestyle; The gays, lesbians, and bisexuals are a minority group of the population, like pedophiles or masturbators (immoral vs. moral)...
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InjusticeSexualReading - orientation; Matt Oliver:...

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