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Unformatted text preview: TV Ad Seeks to Recruit Arab-Americans to the CIA In an advertisement posted by the CIA on the television, the CIA hopes to convey the welcoming invite into a Middle Eastern home. In the first television commercial, the CIA demonstrates the Arab family having a dinner party with family and friends in a very culture oriented home. The Agency is hoping that this is an inviting message to U.S. Arabs. A male voice with a Middle Easter accent says, “Your nation, your world, they are worth protecting.” The commercial will air in a few months on ethnic T.V. stations and Websites nationwide. In addition to an outreach to Arabs, the CIA also sees this as a critical opportunity for reducing terrorism. The Agency also has a five year plan to boost fluency in Arabic and other languages. In spite of this attempt made by the CIA, some resistance still comes from U.S. Arabs who have felt suspicion ever since 9/11. Many Muslims and Arabs are skeptical to the government’s intelligence and believe that spying in...
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