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San José State University MANAGEMENT PSYCHOLOGY (PSYC 175.01; Code: 42266) Fall 2008 MW 10:30-11:45am, Room: CL 243 Instructor : Dr. Sharon Glazer Office : DMH 232 Phone : (408) 924-5639 Office Hours: Wed 1:00-4:00pm or by appt. e-mail : [email protected] URL: “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” Eleanor Roosevelt (Wikipedia; Course Goals and Overview This course will provide students with an overview of managing human relations in the workplace . Through the use of reading materials, lectures, personal experiences, games, and other media services, we will explore how psychologists can help management improve the workplace for the individual, the group, and the organization . Topics covered include self- management, working and communicating effectively with others, satisfaction, motivation, leadership, and influencing others . Required Readings Aamodt, M. G., & Raynes, B. L. (2001). Human Relations in Business: Developing Interpersonal and Leadership Skills. Stamford, CT : Wadsworth. Methodology Lecture, group activities, discussion, homework assignments, article review paper, portfolio, and exams. Evaluation/Grading ¾ 3 Exams : 50-question maximum multiple-choice exams will be given . Exams will include material from course readings, lecture, class discussion, and student presentations. Students will have 40 minutes to complete each exam. Your cumulative score on the exams will be worth 65% of your final course grade . Students are responsible for bringing with them the 882-ES scantron sheet, No. 2 pencil(s), and eraser . None will be provided in the classroom. If you forget to bring them in, you will not be allowed to make up the exam or take it in any other format. Lecture will follow exam. ¾ 2 Newspaper Article Reviews : Students will be responsible for reading 2 newspaper articles related to a pre-assigned topic (to be determined during the first 2 weeks of class), turning in a review of the article, as well as the entire article, and presenting their reviews in class . Together, the two reviews will be worth 10% of your course grade and the presentations of the review will be worth 5% of your course grade. Article review should include a concise and clear summary of the article, how it relates to the topic for which it is assigned, why the information should matter to business, and your personal opinion on the matter . All articles for this assignment must be less than 2 months old . Please be sure to: Use a recent newspaper article from major U.S. newspapers, e.g., NY Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, San Jose Mercury News, San Francisco Chronicle, L.A. Times . Write your name, course, and date on the upper right corner of your first page
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Glazer_Psyc_175_syllabus - San Jos State University...

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