Ch9SlidesAndNotesBus187 - LEARNING OBJECTIVES After...

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Unformatted text preview: LEARNING OBJECTIVES After studyang this chapttr, you should be .ble to: 1. Define [email protected], entcpaendre, and entEprcndriel fims 2 Und6bnd how iniiUbons and srcs aff*t entrcp€neuEhip 3 ldendry the tfi@ chaBctai*ics of a grcwing entreprseuriel firm 4 Oiffeenbate int{national straEq16 tiat ents foreign markets and that stey in doffiic rurkets - 5 Panicjpate in ti4E lading debates on growrng and inEmationalizing the enhfddnal hrh 6 DEw imdications fof action fb;f-1n w.Jhr \q cswrw\riss \\N-erg 5 ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND ENTR.E PR,EN EU RIAL FIR}IS small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) - generally denned ln the US as nrrns wlth fewer than 50O employees entrepreneurship - identlllcatlon and explottatbn of prevloualy unexplored opportunltl6 entreDreneurs - bunders and owners of new buslnesses or mandgers of exlstlng flrrns international entreoreneurshio - comblnatlon of lnnovatlve, proactlve, and-risk seeklng be-havlor that crcses natlonal borders and ls htended to create wealth ln organlatlons Hol", c\0,15 \\t* "$\alx1Qe- w1citr.,-Uf n lilsrinmons, REsouRcEs, AND ENTREPRENEUR5HIP flilEEElf iH€ cosrts rrAnrrNG up a ruefsnu n lz counrntes Institutions and Entrepreneurship globe in general, its development is...
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Ch9SlidesAndNotesBus187 - LEARNING OBJECTIVES After...

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