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Review Questions Chapter 9 - 5. In what way is retinal...

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Review Questions Chapter 9 From Textbook 1. Why is a scuba mask necessary for clear vision under water? 2. What is myopia and how is it corrected? 3. Give three reasons explaining why visual acuity is best when images fall on the fovea. 4. How does the membrane potential change in response to a spot of light in the receptive field center of a photoreceptor? Of an ON bipolar cell? Of an OFF center ganglion cell?
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Unformatted text preview: 5. In what way is retinal output not a faithful reproduction of the visual image falling on the retina? 6. In retinitis pigmentosa, early symptoms include the loss of peripheral vision and night vision. The loss of what type of cells could lead to such symptoms?...
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