Midterm_2_inman_te - Midterm 2 Guest speakers and Labs Keith Innman Origin of Error What does it mean and why did you do it o All reports are

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Midterm 2: Guest speakers and Labs Keith Innman: Origin of Error What does it mean and why did you do it??? o All reports are written in code but the problem is that not everyone can understand the language What is an error? o Wrong analytical mistake (result) o Someone misunderstands scientific question/result/answer in relation with incorrect belief with physical evidence Asking the wrong question Making inappropriate inferences (conclusions) I=A+F Fail to understand limits of evidence or test. Ex. Trying to get DNA off of desk. Who makes these errors? o Everyone---just in deciding what test to run is an assumption of analyst What causes errors? o Failure to consider alternate hypothesis: lots of forensic will do. The goal is to create a test to test an alternate hypothesis that is driven by the case Must use analogies and common language to explain results when in court o Incomplete knowledge. Ex. Judge, attorney, etc. doesn’t know what kind of date the
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