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History 119—Fall 2007—Prof. Bernhardt Source Essay Assignment: Choice Two Power and Struggle during the Investiture Conflict Due 28 April 2010 In the primary source book Power and the Holy in the Age of the Investiture Conflict , written and edited by the distinguished medieval historian Maureen Miller, you will examine the background, process, and long-term results of the Investiture Conflict in substantial detail. For your research assignment, you must read Miller’s book, both the her secondary introduction and the primary source documents accompanying the introduction . Focus on critical factors that led to a redefining of the relationship between the Church and secular power in the tenth and eleventh centuries, on specific elements of the conflict itself, such as lay investiture and the increase of papal power, and on the propaganda campaign waged by each side in support of its position. This struggle between the German Empire and other secular kings with the Papacy was the defining issue of medieval politics from the mid-eleventh to the mid-thirteenth century. It revolved around questions of theocratic kingship, lay control of the church, serious questions of religious reform, and the creation of the monolithic institution of the Church centered on the Roman Papacy. Using the material in Miller, discuss and analyze any
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119-S10-E2 - History 119-Fall 2007-Prof. Bernhardt Source...

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