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Nursing 127B Exam #2 Study Guide Syllabus Materials: Study Questions: p. 271-276 Questions #16-45 Answers on p. 280 [Please note: question #20 on p. 271 should read—the incidence rate per 100,000] Syllabus: Week 7-Week 11  p. 89-240. (Epidemiology: models—week 7; p 89-104.  TB—week 8; p.  105-145; Elder abuse—week 9; Child abuse—week 10; Domestic violence—week 11; p. 152-240). Review and respond objectives at the beginning of each section Week 7: (p. 89-104) What concepts are important? Causality Risk Rates/calculations Differences between descriptive, analytic, and experimental epidemiology Types/characteristics of infectious agents Compare/contrast epi. Triad, web of causation, and Dever model Week 8:  (p. 105-145) Immunizations: infant/kindergarten IZ schedules TB: Concepts of transmission Disease process Screening: TST Reading: TST – follow up for 5mm, 10mm Latent TBI: identification and treatment
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Nursing_127B_Exam_2_study_guidexDiane1 - Nursing 127B Exam...

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