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ChAD 163 Paper Guidelines The overall goal of this assignment is to help students to understand children and adolescents growth and development in four major domains (physical, cognitive, emotional, social) and the inter-relationships among these domains. 1. The overall goal is to present information about some aspect of adolescent development (e.g., autonomy, romantic love, date rape, academic achievement, delinquency, employment, moral reasoning, teenage pregnancy, etc.), the exact topic is up to you. You will need to demonstrate how your particular topic (e.g., delinquency) is affected by and/or affects the other three domains of development. For example, delinquency can be considered an aspect of social development. In your paper, you will want to show how delinquency impacts or is impacted by physical development (e.g., gender or puberty), cognitive development (e.g., academic achievement), and emotional development (e.g., anger and hostility). You want the reader to finish the paper with a greater understanding of your particular topic. The paper is to be at least 6 pages in length, but not more than 10 pages – this does not include a title page, abstract (not required) or reference page. 2. You will want to start off by identifying the exact topic (specific and narrow is usually easier to deal with], You may want to focus on an age-range (early, middle, late) as well 3. After identifying your specific topic, you will briefly review (at least) 5 empirical research articles that deal with this topic. Feel free to use more than 5 references (I strongly urge you to do so]. Scholarly books or review papers are acceptable after the criteria for 5 research articles has been met . 4. To find peer-reviewed journal articles use a data-base called Psych-Info. You will be searching by subject so you will want to type in key terms such as Delinquency Adolescent Identity, Adolescent Self-Concept - - the reference librarian can help you with search terms if you give her/him your general paper topic). Hopefully this search will yield a series of articles with author, title, and date. Scan through the titles for ones that look particularly interesting or relevant and use the option to view the abstract, this will let you know if it is an
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ChAd 163 term paper - ChAD 163 Paper Guidelines The overall...

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