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Chinese 120B Introduction to Classical Chinese Fall 2009 Instructor: Dr. Yao Yao Office: Clark Hall 410G Office hours: 8:00 – 9:00 MWF and 10:30 – 12:30 Fridays Phone: (408) 924-4613 E-mail address: yao.yao@ Textbook: Language of the Dragon: A Classical Chinese Reader, volume 2, Gregory Chiang, published Cheng & Tsui Company, ISBN 0-88727-318-1 Objectives of learning: This class is an introduction to the stylistic and structural characteristics of classical Chinese (h ). During the first seven weeks of the semester we will focus on the writings between the Warring States period through the Han Dynasty (2 nd century B.C. to the end of the 2 nd century). The rest of the semester we will read selections mainly from the great Tang and Song writers. Upon finishing this course, you will have learned: the ‘empty words” (h ) such as h,h,h,h,h,h,h, and their functions in sentences. You will gain control of grammatical structures essential for the reading of
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Ch120BClassical_Chinese_Fall_2009_greensheet - Chinese 120B...

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