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An Extremely Brief History of TKD Tae Kwon Do (The Way of the Hands and Feet) is one of the youngest of the ‘traditional’ martial arts. It draws its roots from ancient Korean warrior societies, as well as both Chinese and Japanese influence. Due to the occupation of Korea by Japan from 1910-1945, in which Korean culture was radically altered by the Japanese occupation, it is difficult to determine TKD’ s exact roots because much of the history was distorted by the Japanese regime. In 1945, at the end of World War 2, the Koreans were freed from the Japanese occupation. With a surge of nationalism and a strong desire to restore Korean custom, several martial arts schools, or ‘kwans’, opened across Korea and began teaching. Variances between the kwans depen ded largely on the amount of influence that each school’s master (Kwan Jang Nim) had absorbed from the Chinese and Japanese styles, as well as the extent to which the old Korean styles had been modified. Some of the original kwans included:
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