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English 1B, sec. 4 Professor Dowdy Essay Assignment 2 Length: 4-6 pages (MLA or APA format) The topic for Chapter 5 of Pop Perspectives is very broad. It covers everything from geographic and architectural space (e.g. Disneyland) to social and religious rituals (e.g. the Prom) to elements of style (e.g. the influence of hip hop on fashion). For your next assignment, you will choose your own topic. However, it should fall into one of the following categories: space, ritual, style. Within these broad parameters, you may choose to write about anything you choose. Here are the detailed instructions: 1. Choose one of the assigned readings from Chapter 5. 2. Identify its topic. For example, if you chose Amy L. Best’s “Coming of Age at the Prom,” your topic would fit under the broad category heading of “rituals.” 3. Choose a similar topic for your own essay. For example, instead of writing about the Prom, you may choose to write about another ritual, whether secular (e.g. attending a baseball game) or
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