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Precis_guidelines - History 210a Spring 2010 On writing a...

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History 210a, Spring 2010 On writing a précis Why a précis? You will learn to read attentively, to synthesize elegantly, and to present clearly and succinctly a complex historical argument. Remember, historical arguments provide explanations of change over time. I have extracted these requirements from the syllabus and also added some additional points. The Basics Look at the “Review of Books” section of the AHR as a guide . Always begin with relevant information in the following format: Susan Wiseman. Conspiracy and Virtue: Women, Writing, and Politics in Seventeenth-Century England . New York: Oxford University Press, 2006. Pp. vii, 384. Ideally one page (maximum two pages), single-spaced, Times-12, one inch-margins. Avoid reviewing the text chapter by chapter.
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