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HRTM 113: MY PHILOSOPHY OF LEISURE PAPER CONTENT HELP: Using the philosophy readings from the second half of this semester, compose an eloquent, thoughtful, provocative, and thorough response to the question(s), “What is leisure and what is its significance to human flourishing ?” Ground your discussion in the literature. Allow the authors who have come before you to strengthen, inform, and give validity to your statements. Use quotations as much as you are comfortable while still allowing me to hear your voice. Use their words to augment and accentuate the point you wish to make. This paper is YOUR PHILOSOPHY BUT YOU NEED TO USE THE AUTHORS to make your point clear and grounded. Ensure that the response to the essay question offers the reader knowledge that extends beyond common understanding (thus demonstrating that you are implementing new knowledge). For example: Leisure also allows us to have freedom - a freedom to choose – and it serves as an avenue which allows us to be free from constraint. Perhaps Brightbill said it best in his
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