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week3 - J Dan Rothwell begins by discussing the feeling of...

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J. Dan Rothwell begins by discussing the feeling of social tension that all groups experience and to the extent of the tension oppressed. Rothwell identifies two different levels of social tension: primary and secondary. After reading the paragraph on primary tension, I did not feel Rothwell was making any arguments. I felt like Rothwell uses this paragraph to explain what is meant by primary tension. Rothwell does a great job of describing primary tension because many of us can relate to the statement, “When you first gather in a group, you normally fell some jitters and uneasiness.” Furthermore, he provides more examples in the paragraph where people may experience primary tension. Rothwell does not make an attempt at convincing the reader by writing argumentatively. In Critical Thinking , Richard L. Epstein defines the term “argument” and goes on providing examples. Epstein writes, “Let’s call an attempt to convince an ‘argument’.” (Epstein, 2). According to this definition, Rothwell was not writing an argument when
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