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Reflection Assignment This motivation assignment is an opportunity for students to examine some aspect of their own motivation in an educational setting from a theoretical perspective. Choose an experience from your own education. This may be from preschool (if you can remember!) through college. Your role in this experience may be as a student or in the capacity of a teacher or student teacher. Describe the experience in detail. After this description you will analyze this educational experience in terms of one of the following motivation theories described in this course: Reinforcement Theory Intrinsic Motivation Theories
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Unformatted text preview: Attribution Theories Cognitive Theories Self-Worth Theories You may use information from class lectures as well as your text book or the course reader as background information in your analysis. If you choose a theory that has not yet been discussed in class, you should rely on the text, articles from the reader, or other supplemental material. Be sure to use APA style when referencing sources. The write-up should be approximately 4-5 pages, typewritten, numbered, and double-spaced. Define any terms you use in your analysis. Clearly state how aspects of your chosen theory relate to specific examples from the experience you have chosen. Due Monday, March 22, 2010...
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