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Aisan American Studies 33B Study Guide for Final Exam Instructions: I am providing this study guide to my students who are in Section 2, 3, and 6. However, you should also study the guides and exercises from Yamato, Franks. Choi has sent out to your email study guide already (these items may not include some items he sent you). There will be multiple choice/true-false and short and/or long essay questions derived from the items below. 1. Reaganomics and “trickle down” theory 2. The new conservatism (backlash and rise of religious right) in the late 20 th century. 3. NAFTA and GATT 4. Three branches of power in California State. 5. Containment policies and Southeast Asian wars 6. Progressives in California and direct democracy . 7. Initiative Process 8. Recall Process 9. Referendum Process 10. Pentagon Papers
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Unformatted text preview: 11. Gulf of Tonkin Resolution 12. Great Society 13. War Powers Resolution 14. Roe v. Wade 15. Title IX 16. Equal Rights Amendment 17. Domino Theory by President Johnson and war in Southeast Asia 18. Vincent Chin 19. Wen Ho Li 20. Watergate 21. Clinton's impeachment 22. Senator Joseph McCarthy and 23. Chief Justice Earl Warren 24. Stagflation 25. Rodney King verdict and LA. Race Riots 26. Model Minority 27. Globalization 28. Anti-Globalization 29. Roles of media in a democracy 30. Voting behaviors predictions 31. Interest groups 32. Democrats and Republicans positions on economy and environment 33. Responsible party theory 34. Electoral competition theory 33. Political socialization 34. Public opinion 35. Global warming 36. Contemporary Asian America (profile)...
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