187 team report

187 team report - again Socially I believe we have made a...

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AIH: Japan During the negotiating process, our team focused on creating a win- win situation by collaborating well with the other team in order to reach an agreement that was favorable for both parties. To be honest, there was not much argumentation, and everything flowed fairly well. We were all able to share our ideas and opinions in a safe environment, and the better ideas were put into action. I believe that we all learned how to work well as a team and also learned how to make others feel comfortable in order to be able to collaborate with each other in an effective manner. In terms of our own company’s objectives, we believe they were all met. We were able to secure a promising job in a new area/ market, set up a factory there, and create a good working relationship with the Tanzanian’s who we will be able to do business with once
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Unformatted text preview: again. Socially, I believe we have made a positive difference, since the resort we have constructed for the Tanzanians will be successful and not only bring money into the country, but also create jobs for the Tanzanian’s that are willing to work in the hospitality industry. On top of that if the Tanzanians would like us to build more resorts or hotels for them in the future, the group of Tanzanian trainees we used for unskilled work may now be moved up into positions requiring more responsibility, making them more satisfied laborers. All in all, we are happy with our company’s venture into Tanzania and believe we are infiltrating a new and promising market. Hopefully the Tanzanian’s marketing efforts will be successful and the resort will be profitable for them....
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187 team report - again Socially I believe we have made a...

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