Chernoff - "African Music" John Miller Chernoff...

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"African Music" John Miller Chernoff excerpted from African Music University of Chicago Press, 1979 Chernoff's most famous book is African Rhythm and African Sensibility (University of Chicago Press,1981). He has also written a novel Hustling Is Not Stealing: Stories of an African Bar Girl (University of Chicago Press, 2003) 1) Westerners divide music into standard units of time, indicating when the next chord is likely to come a) rhythm links different notes to each other b) most instruments play their notes at the same time c) a sequence of notes starts when we count "One" d) rhythm is something we follow: determined with reference to melody e) special word "syncopation" for uneven rhythm f) rhythm is secondary to melody and harmony: beauty is the progression of sound through chords or tones 2) African music a) there are always at least two rhythms going on b) there is no unifying or main beat c) to westerners listening it seems "out of time" d) the conflicting rhythmic patterns and accents are cross-rhythms
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Chernoff - "African Music" John Miller Chernoff...

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