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Essay questions #3 Whats important about the diagram. Don’t just give exactly whats on the slide. Explain why theyre important. PRM to be able to provide partners with information and business sense that they need in order to succeed. However easy you make it to do business with your partner will directly correlate with the stakeholders and how much they gain. CRM building customer relations, loyaly. Suppliers #8 - You have to define all four (names, definitions). Relate to cost and risk. - Parallel - is usually running at least one financial period. Use the systems side by side. - Phase – Old systems for either function 1 or region 1. One country is running on the old system, but the next country is going to jump onto the new system. Looks like a chain going diagnolly down from left to right. Like stairs. Break up a huge system into bite size
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Unformatted text preview: chunks. The bigger it is the higher the risk and the higher the stakes.-Pilot – A small portion of the old gets converted to new. If it works then they all get converted. Trying it out to see if it works.-Plunge – You run an old and new system one at a time separately Cost Risk Parallel H L Phase M/h M Pilot M/L M/L Plunge L H #9 refers to triangle diagram. Where the sides are time, cost, Scope: features and functions, and the non negotiable thing in the center is quality. If costs increases are not allowed and are still time boxed, start scaling back scope. #10 comes from figure 4.21 and 4.28 Ch 4 Ethics-Make sure you understand is firewalls. Firewalls come in software and hardware firewalls....
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