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Davis - BUS120A - Syllabus - Spring 10

Davis - BUS120A - Syllabus - Spring 10 - San Jos State...

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San José State University School:College of Business Department: Accounting and Finance Course Number: Bus120A Title: Accounting Information Systems Section: 3 or 5 Semester: Spring Year: 2010 Instructor Dr. Ashley Davis Office BT 953 Phone (408) 924-3491 E-Mail [email protected] BUT please use blackboard to e-mail me Course Hours MW 12:00-1:15 MW 3:00-4:15 Students must attend the class they are registered for. Office Hours Tuesday 11:50-4:50 or by appointment Class Room BC 321 Pre-Requisites Business 20 with a grade of “C” or better Course Description Documentation, flow and processing of accounting information in business organizations; related principles of internal control; system design principles. Computerized and non- computerized procedures are used for processing. Course Objectives Accounting information systems (AISs) develop and distribute information about organization s for use in both internal and external decision making. This course will assist you in developing a conceptual understanding of the roles and impacts of accounting information and information technology in decision making. You will learn to use AISs, as well as learn to contribute to the interdisciplinary team effort of designing, implementing, maintaining, and enhancing AISs. Specifically, we will focus on the study of systems development and documentation principles, information technology and its effects on an AIS, the design and organization of database systems, the design and organization of system controls, and the differences in accounting systems for large and small organizations. These objectives will be achieved as students are encouraged to (a) develop and enhance their analytical skills and their ability to analyze unstructured problems (i.e. problems with more than one defensible solution), (b) utilize effective communication (oral and writing) skills and group skills, and (c) develop various computer skills. Accounting Information Systems BUS 120A Fall 2009 Page 1 of 10
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This course does require extensive use of the computer as a tool. To accomplish the objectives of this course, you will spend a significant portion of your time both in and out of the class learning and using computerized information systems and their vagaries. Many of the class assignments will involve the use of the computer. To facilitate your learning experience, please be prepared to cope with the realities of working with computers. As you have undoubtedly learned by now, computer networks may go down without any warning and hard drives can crash, again without any warning. Since most computer assignments take longer to complete than you anticipate, YOU need to allow additional time for this possibility. Please keep in mind that the computer labs and/or networks may become very busy at times (particularly towards the end of the semester!) and you may have a difficult time getting your work completed if you do not plan for these eventualities.
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