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91L - Sales Forecast - Food Costs $24,900.00 $11,100.00 Net...

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Java Juice Sales Forecast Prepared by: Tommy Lee January February March April May June Total % Food Sales Sandwiches $42,000.00 Soup/Salads $19,000.00 Desserts $22,000.00 $83,000.00 Coffee $34,000.00 Tea $15,000.00 Beer/Wine $12,000.00 Juice $5,000.00 Soft Drinks $8,000.00 $74,000.00
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Unformatted text preview: Food Costs $24,900.00 $11,100.00 Net Revenue Ratios 30.00% 15.00% Total Food Sales Beverage Sales Total Beverage Sales Ingredient Costs Beverage Costs Food Costs as a % of Sales Beverage Cost as a % of Sales...
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