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Sub-Cultural Introduction Speech Go to and read about subcultures. Prepare a short 2-minute (maximum) presentation describing part of a subculture you identify with through the use of a cultural artifact. Purpose of Assignment: This short presentation will allow me to get a sense of your public speaking skills, give your classmates a chance to know you better, and will encourage awareness of our cultural diversity. Your goal is to describe an aspect of your own subculture through the use of a cultural artifact. You may want to focus on values, artifacts, rituals, ceremonies, and/or practices that make your subculture unique. Consider the sense of identity or shared meaning that you feel within your subculture that is not obvious to those outside of your subculture. Requirements:
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Unformatted text preview: The subculture you select must fit the definition of a subculture. • Your presentation should have three parts: an introduction, body, and conclusion . Introduce your subculture and cultural artifact with an effective first sentence (attention-getter). For the body , use two or three main points (supported by examples/details) to describe your subculture (i.e. Why is it important to you? Why unique? How long have you been part of this culture? Is there anything about your culture most people are not aware of? Etc.) Conclude with a thought that you want the audience to remember about your culture (clincher). • Your presentation should be a maximum of two minute . Be sure to time yourself when practicing your speech from one notecard (which I will collect). • You must have a cultural artifact as a visual aid ....
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