Interview assignment - PSYCHOLOGY 191 PSYCHOLOGY OF...

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PSYCHOLOGY 191 PSYCHOLOGY OF PREJUDICE INTERVIEW ASSIGNMENT (WORTH 20 PTS) Your assignment is to choose someone from a target group to interview about their personal experiences with prejudice, discrimination, inequality, tolerance, etc. The interview should focus on their perspective as a target group member, e.g. person of color or gay/lesbian or person with a disability, or person with multiracial identity, etc. We will spend some time in class devising interesting and appropriate interview questions. In addition I will provide you with a written guide to doing a good interview. The person you interview may or may not be a relative or friend of yours. You may want to tape record the interview to aid you in remembering what was said. Arrange a time free from interruptions and other people in a setting comfortable for the person being interviewed. Take careful notes during the interview or tape it (with permission from the person being interviewed) and review it later. You will turn in a 5 page typed (maximum) summary of the interview and your reactions to your interview findings. YOU MUST ASK THE FOLLOWING 4 QUESTIONS IN YOUR INTERVIEW. As a group you will also come up with 6 additional interview questions to ask your interviewee. You may also ask other questions that are specific to your interviewee. All questions must be approved by me (the instructor) before you conduct your interview. 1. Provide demographic information for your interviewee.
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Interview assignment - PSYCHOLOGY 191 PSYCHOLOGY OF...

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