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Copyediting Guidelines - thesis and the topic sentences...

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HIST 100W DON Copyeditor: ____________________________ Author: ________________________________ Copyediting Guidelines 1. First, read the paper through and, while reading, clean the paper by correcting all grammar and punctuation errors on the paper. 2. After reading the paper through, write down here what you believe is the historical ques- tion. 3. Evaluate the thesis and suggest improvements by rewriting it a bit or a lot here. 4. Examine the introduction and note whether it has a good opener and helpful funnel sen- tences. Note below what you feel would be good improvements to either. 5. Go through the topic sentences. Do you see links (words, phrases, or ideas) between the
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Unformatted text preview: thesis and the topic sentences. Please rewrite topic sentences below where this could be im-proved. 6. Are the topic sentences supported by evidence. Please note below where you think that more evidence is needed. 7. Finally, look at the conclusion to see if the paper’s interpretation has been summarized in the first sentence. What has your author done in the conclusion to follow this summary with the larger historiography, the significance in history, the import of the primary source itself, the im-pact on future events, or some other such broadening statement....
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Copyediting Guidelines - thesis and the topic sentences...

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