PROJECT - Bus 190 Dr Yu Housing Project California 2008 The...

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Bus 190 Dr. Yu Housing Project, California 2008 The objective of this summer of 2008 is to seek potential profits from a business venture based on the growing need for affordable housing. The financial crisis has led many American’s homeless. They were forced to give up their homes because they were unable to cope with the high subprime rates. The natural choice for many American’s is to move out of their homes and into rental property. Anticipating the large demand for rental property and expecting large profits from it, is the basis of my business model. I plan to build several low cost apartment/town home/condominium complexes in the outer Bay Area to meet the increased demand for rental property. The challenge for this build is to quickly raise the complexes as fast and as cost effective as possible while avoiding shortcuts in quality, safety, and aesthetics. To begin this summer, I will build a 10 part apartment complex on a plot of land while applying quantitative business analysis strategies to maintain highest profits between the crash costs and the expected profits from early rentals. Ultimately, my goal is out to maximize profits and the materials and methods will be detailed with further reading.
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PROJECT - Bus 190 Dr Yu Housing Project California 2008 The...

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