food2 - or global culture? Does everybody feel the same way...

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Anth 11 Name: n What is believed about this food?  By whom?  How did you learn this? How was this food made, packaged, distributed, consumed?  By whom? Who are there stakeholders involved in production and distribution behind this food?  Who decides to buy the food?  Who does buy it? How do you eat it? Can it be given as a gift?  What happens when you get this food?   Are there any circumstances under which you will not eat this food?  When you must eat this  food? Are there any associations with family, friends, organizations, regions, ethnicities, nation-states, 
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Unformatted text preview: or global culture? Does everybody feel the same way you do about this food? Who shares your belief? Who does not? Food discussion (answer the following questions) 1. What was the food you brought (or simulated?) 2. Identify two social rules related to that food. (For example, “It is eaten primarily in the morning,” or “It is eaten only during celebrations,” or “It is eaten as a convenience food among intimates, but would never be served to company.”...
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