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My research on the uniqueness of the Oracle CRM is that is it on demand. Oracle CRM is real time. The information is provided to the companies or individuals that need the data when they need it, and very importantly on real time. So the data is update continuously to give advantages to the companies that collect data. Also the motive of Oracle CRM is to give the data in a less price. By using the Oracle Customer Data Hub, Oracle collects the scattered data in to effective and efficient CRM to offer to the companies in a low price. Oracle’s CRM not only helps collect data but also to maintain, protect, use, and share the business information. By bringing together the software and data vendors, Oracle is making the usage of online software and data easier and cost effective. The users could have more time dealing with the data then concerning with the multiple vendors.
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Unformatted text preview: By combining the Oracle CRM on Demand and Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle is able to provide the business solution that operates with the highest levels of performance, and protection. Oracle is looking at the future of the business and the economy. Oracle CRM is designed to not only give real time support but to continue that relationships to grow as the companies grow. With the step by step process of business solutions, thousands of workers, 18 hubs around the globe, and 27 languages on Demand, Oracle will be able to satisfy the needs of the growing company. Oracle also received a global certification by the J.D. Power and Associates Certified Technology Service and Support (CTSS) Program in 2005. Oracle was the first software provider to receive this certification and even now only few international software providers have this certificate....
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