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JS 159 021010Assignments

JS 159 021010Assignments - JS 159 021010 Assignments I Due...

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JS 159 021010 Assignments I. Due 02/15/10- Required reading: Lazar, D. 2004 . DNA and the criminal justice system. Chapter 12 DNA Databases for Law Enforcement: The Coverage Question and the Case for a Population-Wide Database. D.H. Kaye & Michael E. Smith DQs and TCIs Due Date- Sunday Feb14th by email to [email protected] AND bring hard copy to class on 15 February II. Due 02/15/10 FURLOUGH NO CLASS Deliver hard copies of DQs and TCIs to the JS office by 15 Feb- There will be a box for collection of the assignment- Labelled Lee- JS 159 Kaye and Smith III. Due 02/17/10 Assignment- Selection of tentative research topic, Proposal of a research question and 2 scholarly citations on the topic. One article must be photocopied from a scholarly journal. The other article must be from an online scholarly journal available through a reputable database such as CJAbstracts, Pubmed, Science Direct, JSTOR, Project Muse, or other similar origin. Due 17 Feb 10 : Statement of Research Topic, Research Question, Title and Two Copies of 2 Scholarly Articles on this Subject.
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