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NURS_204rev_Group_Proj_F05 - Rev DIVERSE POPULATIONS AND...

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Rev 12/05/05 DIVERSE POPULATIONS AND HEALTH CARE NURS 204, 3 units GROUP PRESENTATION OF A CULTURALLY COMPETENT HEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAM 100 POINTS Name of Program: STUDENTS NAMES: DUE: Assignment and presentation evaluation criteria: 1. Design and present a culturally competent program 25 points that focuses on one of the nine health behaviors of the Health Promotion Matrix. Identify which of the nine is being addressed. Describe how the program meets the needs of the selected populations. Be specific about the details of the program, include plan with objectives, implementation, and evaluation. 2. Describe at least two areas from the "Goals and Priorities 7.5 points for the Nation" from Healthy People 2010 and how they are related to the program being presented. 3. Present a theoretical perspective (deChesnay, 2005; Sheinfeld Gorin 7.5 points & Arnold, 1998) that serves as a guide for the proposed program 4. Report the collaborative and leadership skills required 7.5 points
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