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LStern_104_Greensheet - Greensheet DsGD 104-02 03 Intro to...

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DsGD 104-02, 03 Fall 2009 Intro to Graphic Design Lanning Stern Prerequisites Art 12 or 13, 14, 24, DsGD 83 (Industrial Design majors who have passed first year review with the completion of 32A; Inte- rior Design majors may substitute Art 13 for Art 12). Students enrolling in any course with a Graphic Design prefix (DsGD) must show proof of com- pleted course prerequisites to the instructor at the first or second meeting. Proof of pre- requisites must be either a grade report, transcript, signed or ini- tialed Major Form, or an advisor memo. Course content The goal of this course is to contribute to the discovery and understanding of the basic objec- tives, principles, and methods used in graphic design. The four projects have been con- ceived to help beginning students develop the problem solving and compositional skills employed by designers. In the course of com- pleting these projects, students will be challenged to determine goals and to make observations and decisions that result in con- cise, informative, and engaging visual statements.
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