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rr4 - Having to answer questions about my beliefs and...

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itle I am indescribably jealous of Maysan Haydar while at the same time, being incredibly glad to have not lived her life. Haydar writes about being able to have “many rich friendships with men over the years” and I wish I could say I honestly felt I had even one friendship with a straight guy. Haydar is correct when she writes about the difficulties of men and women being friends which I think is unfortunate because every time I have been able to have a close friendship with a guy (before one of us develops feeling and ruins everything) I’ve found it to be a far different experience than that of the friendships of women. Her friendships with men are the only thing I’m jealous of though. I don’t think I would enjoy the constant scrutiny she’s under.
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Unformatted text preview: Having to answer questions about my beliefs and reassure people I’m not a terrorist do not sound like a fun part of anyone’s day. While I understand Haydar’s comments about not being judged by her looks or seen as a “twenty-piece chicken dinner” I wonder what her self esteem was like since I am assuming that she was not often flirted with or told that she was pretty. Yes, it is nice to be appreciated for my brains but I also take pleasure when my appearance is noticed since it is something I take great pride in. While I think it might be interesting to trade lives with Haydar for a few days to experience her freedom I believe that I would ultimately miss my life and my own freedoms....
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