Met112-ClementsMidtermF07 - d0& r90: c80r c70- c60,...

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PART 1 I I tir *i: x or = E sn fi i" ;3 i . m= x "I fr> --lr @mx Qo l Hl= g;: 'r ;qs -d Y ril Qc ':in :iP 1E '?FF 3-i qE -rsb 3g;0 l9 tr= rrlF €; m iil;+ E I ---r t sz r I 6 .5: cE: .E: cE= cE: cEt .E: .E: cE= .E: .E. : trtsf cFr .E: cE: cE. . E,- rFr .Et cE: cEr cD: cDt .Dr .D: .D: .D: .D: .D cD: .Dt - .D: .D. - .D. .D. .D. .D: .D: cD: c2t .3- .8. .C, cl: f * trCl cBr rCr Q =Qr cB. cC. .1} cQ: .B: .Ct trBr -*- cBr cC: .Br .C: {D .C. .B: -r .B: .C. alb trCr l! cQ: $ cQ: trBr .C. cBr r*i trB) -D - trAr trAr +' trAr * trAr cA: .A: * .A= cA: cA: cAr cA: trAr .A: .- trAr cA: .I a8- ;l I! i3- sg- 2x gJ- "'z 3N o q- :- 4-r ;t x -l rl 5 -l ^t ; -l ill l-l t-l n-L cBr .B: cBr .- .8. cB: - .B: .8. .B: .B= + * + .A: .A: .A: .A: + cA: cAr * 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 a :- { 6- { B- :- o a- t- t_ l_ tt I 3:) trCr .C, .C. trCr + .- trCl trCr cCr + .C. -t ,T1 -n ('Do ltr )- )d Jln !c\ tB> 3t <m qo Ul io am r on O\J 4z ?= 8fi 3 rDr cE: EDr .E: :D: .E. r:P: .E. cD: .Et .D: cE. cD: .E. .Dr cE: * cE: trDr cE: .D: .E= e cE: rD. cE: cD, .E. trD: cE: trD: cE: trDr cE: trDr trEl cD: rEr .D. trEl trDr cEr trDr .Er trDr cEr cDr ,:E: cD: c:f: rDr cE: cDr cEr trDr rE: cD: cEr cDr cE: 33 *r cB: cQl 34 rA: cl: f 36 cAr {> cQl 37 cA: cB: { 38 trAr trBr * 39 trAr cBr cCr - 41 trAr cB: trCr - 42.A. trBr .C- - 43 cAr trBr trCr - 44 cAr cB: trCl - 45 cA: trBr trCr - 46 trAr .B: .Cr - 47 .A. trBr .C: - 48 cAr rBr .C. - 49 cAr cB: cCr I 50 trAr trBr .Cr = : I d0& r90: c80r c70- c60, c50= tr40r c30. c20- c10_ tr9r tr8r c7t c6r tr5r c4a tr3r tr2. clr trOr (T) (F)
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Meteorolog II2 Fall 2007 Midterm Exam, Version 2 Part I: Nrlultiple-Choice Section (1 point eachl please use Scantron form) I'lease write the following on your Scanhon: name, section number, version number of exam (1 or 2). 1. Glaciers fomr in a region whenever in that region. @ annual snowfall exceeds annual snow melt b. annual snow melt exceeds annual snowfall c. winters are very cold d. annual snowfall equals an:rual snow melt. 2. Which of these is evidence that a glacier once existed? 3. Laformation about the past composition of the atmosphere can be obtained by analyztngair bubbles trapped in a. striations on rocks b. foram shells a. lce cores @ ocean sediments 4. Methane comes primarily from @ swamps b. volcanoes a. nucrowave (h ultraviolet Q moraines d. erratic boulders 5. A common rock that is made primarily of calcium carbonate: granite limestone 6. Dinosaurs lived in this geologic period: @ Mesozoic c. Pleistocene b. Precambrian d. Paleozoic 7. Planets primarily emit radiation a. a
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Met112-ClementsMidtermF07 - d0&amp; r90: c80r c70- c60,...

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