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week11reply - Hey Joanna I really enjoyed reading your post...

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Hey Joanna, I really enjoyed reading your post and I can definitely relate to the problems you have had at work. I am happy to here that you got the problem taken care of right away. When examining group conflicts, one of my biggest concerns is people taking advantage others. I have seen it happen and heard occurrences where someone is not treating another employee fairly. I happen to work at an unnamed pizza restaurant where there is a constant struggle for power control. The store has several employees who work full time as the store manager. When working with the different managers, I felt as if the managers are competing with each other to see who can work the least hard at their job. Pretty soon, that manager is simply ordering around all the employees to take care of all the work that needs to be done. The rest of the employees are becoming upset at their situation because they do not feel like everyone is doing their own part. I have
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