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10-21-2008 Persuade - c Assertions balanced with evidence d...

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10/21/2008 100W Communicating to Persuade In the good news – we are taking advantage of the audiences’ positive state. In the bad news – we are dealing with the audiences’ negative state. Persuade Indifferent Neutral Trying to change or move the audiences’ state to good or bad. 4 steps in communicating to persuade (Need baby steps) 1. Open with an attention getting statement. (A) a. Starting statement, statistic, and fact. b. Something Funny c. Questions (though provoking, No yes or no question) d. Challenging Statement e. Anecdote (story) 2. Introduce your “proposal” in a way that creates interest . (I) a. “You” b. Audience centered c. Address the audiences needs d. Develop a central selling point e. Active voice – no passive voice 3. Develop convincing arguments that creates desire (D) a. Core of persuasion b. Appeals to reason vs. appeals to emotion
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Unformatted text preview: c. Assertions balanced with evidence d. Logics that support arguments e. Objective vs. subjective f. Use testimonials g. Price @ the end of step 3: minimize the price, subordinate clause, subordinate price in terms of value, use small numbers. 4. Stimulate the desired action (A) a. Rewards for taking the actions – Discounts, benefits, quality b. Consequences of delay c. Sale prices, rebates, discounts d. Return policies, warrantees e. Make the action easy to take f. Time as incentive Due 10/28/2008 P117, 118 Same as final Imagine yourself in a situation Determine your purpose, audience and persuade them As a CEO you are in a challenge and you need to persuade your employees 2 hours to do 3 pages at least P 119 scoring guide...
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10-21-2008 Persuade - c Assertions balanced with evidence d...

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