homework 2 - Dr. Priya Raman Comm 173 10/24/08 Homework 2:...

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Dr. Priya Raman Comm 173 10/24/08 Homework 2: Scenario I knew what I was getting myself into when I proposed to Ms. Collectivist. Despite all the differences between us, it was love at first sight. I was able to break down much of the differences and similarities in our cultures based on reality and the communication concepts discussed throughout class. I will begin by applying the characteristics to my culture and then to my spouses in order to distinguish some of the differences and similarities in culture along with small examples. Furthermore, I will provide five possible areas of conflict that may arise between the two of us. My fiancé recognized from the day we met that I define myself with the individualistic cultures. She could even depict my values from observing my relationship with others. Primarily, I associate with many in-groups, groups of people about whose welfare is concerned or with whom one is willing to cooperate without demanding equitable returns (Dimensions of Cultures, 9). Even though I have many in-groups, such as my family, friends, co-workers, classmates, sports teammates, and other people I have things in common with, these people have relatively little impact on my behavior (Dimensions, 9). For example, whenever I am faced with a dilemma, I have many people I can seek advice from. I am all about attaining as much information from people, but I do not let them influence me because I do not take their opinions to heart. I focus on the information, because information is knowledge; knowledge is power, and I am confident in myself of making the best decisions when I have critical decisions. Rather than being a member of each in-group, I tend to be an individual (Dimensions, 9). One of my personal core values is equality for all. I consider all men and women of any descent as equals. I always refrain from discriminating on any basis, and I believe in any every individual I meet as equivalent. I understand it is human nature to categorize people when we first meet them; nevertheless, I keep a less clear distinction between in and outside of in- groups (Dimensions, 9). As goes for my soon to be wife, Ms. Collectivist, she was raised in a collectivistic
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homework 2 - Dr. Priya Raman Comm 173 10/24/08 Homework 2:...

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